A girl that a like knows that i like her but idk if she likes me.
I started liking this girl at school, ever since I first met her, to begin with we started talking abit and then it kind of faded away abit. Im still at school and ever since i told my mate that i liked her, ive been getting stronger feelings for her. Since then I've started to make more of an effort. We talk alot more, although probally not enough. I've made events outside of school which ive been to with her and a couple friends which have gone well. There were some signs that she liked me like she smiles at me and when we talk she always asks questions back, but i dont know if she is just being polite.

Anyway.... i asked her out to dinner or cinema and she said that she had no money, and when i offered to pay for her she refused. Although she does like to pay for herself. Ever since i asked her she is now spending more time in the room that i usually hang out with my mates in. Although i dont know wether its because a couple of her friends are in there though. Although her friends were in there before i asked her out and she spent less time in there before. The only thing is, she is very shy around me and im usually the one that has to start conversation.

Some of my mates said i should just move on, but i think that something might be there. Surely if after having asked her out, she would have kept well away?

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